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Cleaning Grout Lines And Tiles In The Office Cleaning Grout Lines And Tiles In The Office 03 December 2014

Undoubtedly, the office floors see more wear than the floors in a usual apartment. Because of that, you should take good care of the clean and shine of the office just like a second home, or maybe it`s a small office like a part of the home. There are two main ways for office cleaning - one that takes place several times in a year and another one, which is quite more frequent like the weekly or the everyday cleaning. Let`s begin with the first one.When planning a big cleaning of the office, for example, for the beginning of the spring or after the vacation - the easiest and fastest way is to call a professional cleaning agency to take care for all the heavy stains and blemishes on the floors. On the other hand, it`s quite cheaper and amusing to give yourself a little break and to clean the office if it`s small, especially when the floor haven`t carpets and rugs. Synthetic, laminate, stone or tile floors are the easiest floors for cleaning and that`s why most offices have tile floors. First, begin with the location of the heaviest spots and prepare all the tools you`ll need for them. A simple office-made detergent solution can achieve the desired effect just like a professional detergent, especially when applied justly. Mix a couple tbs. of baking soda with hot water in a medium sized bowls. Stir for a minute and apply the solution onto the most stained spots via stiff brush, not a soft one. Tiles, stones and other laminates are very tough, which makes them truly easy to clean. If it`s needed - leave the solution after the application for dozen minutes or so to dissolve the hardest stains and grit, and then continue with the cleaning. Deodorize and sanitize the floor on a monthly basis or at least seasonally, depending on the foot traffic in the office.For everyday office cleaning - mopping is an unsurpassed solution. It`s enough to freshen the water regularly and every time when changing the floors in the different rooms. One can also add a little bit of a sanitizer agent in the water as an extra prevention from allergens, dust, sand, pollens and other blemishes.Use the services of a professional cleaning company or clean via rental floor scrubber machine. It`s just perfect for cleaning heavy stains and spots on the tile floors, while the different attachments can clean and polish almost every kind of tiles and grout.The grout lines are some of the most capricious areas for cleaning, yet they are an important part of the overall look and beauty of the tile floors. From small to tiny grout lines and from concave to flat grout lines - there is a vast array of cleaning detergents. After choosing the best one for your floor, the attention should be on the choice of the right solution to make them longer lasting and healthier. A silicone-based sealer or grout filler removes cracks and pores, and it`s exactly what you`re looking for. It can make the grout shine like new and smooth like mirror. Apply the sealer paste or liquid via fine brush, then, wipe off the excess via clean towel and fast motions for a better polishing.Polishing grout lines and tiles is one of the most important finishing touches that are not to miss. It can be done by universal compound or wax, which applies similarly to the sealing agent. Just make sure to read the label first and verify that it`s appropriate for application onto the specific type of tiles.

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