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Economic and Eco-friendly Cleaning is not Impossible Economic and Eco-friendly Cleaning is not Impossible 22 October 2013

It tends to be that most people think that a good job needs to be expensive, and that cutting costs means that things are worse in some way. This may hold true in some instances, but it is actually not so in the world of cleaning. Look at the back of a bottle of bleach and read all of the warnings - Harmful, dangerous, corrosive etcetera, the words are not the kinds of words that you want to be splashing all over the house, so why do we do it? It is often the case that the chemicals that we use to clean the place down are more dangerous than the dirt we are getting rid of, which is a real issue, especially if you have a young family. Flushing these chemicals in to the water system also affects the eco systems around you, as the water systems are not water tight. This leads to household cleaners upsetting the balance of eco systems that rely on a certain level of various chemicals in water which occur naturally. If this is disrupted by a toxin coming in from your sink, you could be contributing to the deaths of various species and food chains, which is obviously terrible for the local wild life at any level.

There are indeed ecofriendly cleaners that use less harmful chemicals, but in many cases the eco conscious cleaner has to fork out a fair amount in order to join the club of the conscientious. If you want to be good to the planet you have to have money, so many people just do not bother, which is a sad fact. If only there was a product that was cheap, easily available, and didn’t have harmful chemicals in it, but still had great cleaning power...

Well, there are three. That’s right, three. Lemon, vinegar and baking powder all have certain properties that make them great cleaners whilst also being much better for your health, home and the environment. You would be amazed to see what those little things in your cupboard could do for your home, so have a look at some of the ways in which you can use them to get your whole house cleaned.

Lemon is a highly acidic fruit that can kill bacteria. It also has a very pleasant smell which makes it great for cleaning, and you don’t have to wash it off after, so you save water. Use lemon on surfaces with a sprinkle of baking powder to cut through grease and kill germs, just like a regular household cleaner. Lemon can be added to the other two or water to add fresh scents and sanitizing power. Vinegar is also very acidic, which kills bacteria, and can be used neat on surfaces or halved with water for a more gentle effect. You can use it on taps to remove limescale, or even combine it with lemon and baking powder to for a cream cleaner that will tackle the worst of your bathroom nightmares. Make sure to leave the solution to do its job before wiping down however, as otherwise it may be a wasted effort. Baking powder has carbonated qualities when wet, so it is great for fizzing things up to speed up the chemical reactions that are used in cleaning. You will see this for yourself when you put a spoonful of it down a blocked plug, with some vinegar and hot water, the resulting reaction is quite spectacular! once it has finished, rinse and the plug will hopefully be cleared!