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End of Tenancy Cleaning Made Manageable End of Tenancy Cleaning Made Manageable 04 November 2014

Managing your regular home cleaning is a tough chore. You will have to dedicate many hours week to sorting all of your goods, neatening things up, washing surfaces, windows, etc, vacuuming the floors, throwing away litter, disinfecting the bathroom, dusting and polishing, and much more. This can be tiring and irritating, but your house clean must be undertaken so that forbade is a safe, comfortable and happy place to be. Managing all of this can be bad enough, but when you have to do it during a home removal, things become trickier. Moving home is a large step that takes months of planning and preparation, requires you to sort and pack every object you own, demands heavy lifting and you must be ready to transport your goods carefully to your new address. Performing a complete and of tenancy clean among all of this seems almost impossible but it is a chore that must be done. If you want to make this process manageable and a success, read on for useful tips and guidance. End of lease cleaning should begin with your moving plan. You should carefully schedule when you are taking care of certain tasks such as packing. With all this in mind, you can work out when it is best to do your end of tenancy clean. You can’t do it too early, as things can become mess during the packing process, but leave it too late and there won’t be enough time. With a suitable period to do things, you can prepare all the equipment you require, assign jobs and more. Many of your items being packed away will make the house cleaning process easier as there will be fewer things in the way. Your cleaning tasks should be done thoroughly, so you should have all the necessary equipment to hand. You don’t want to do a half-hearted job and you will need everything beforehand so you don’t have to stop midway through. Things to stock up include paper towels, cloths, detergents, sprays, dusters and polish, bin bags, etc. With an abundance of all this before you begin, there should be no task you can’t manage. Seeing to the floors should be observed for you chores. Carpet cleaning is something that has to be otherwise an entire room can look messy. Vacuum each floor thoroughly, not missing any inch of corner. Use nozzles to get into corners and use the absence of any furniture to get to those usual hard to reach spots. This must be done for every room so that each area of your home looks perfect. You must dedicate yourself to every spot in your home, so don’t forget about places such as the garden attic, absents, etc. These areas should be as meticulously cleaned as anywhere else should and they should be emptied too. You should be assured that you leave none of your goods behind, so tackling move out cleaning in these areas means you can double check there is nothing you own left here. Any furniture, curtains or other items you leave behind must be in perfect condition. Give everything a wipe and a wash, as well as disinfect the bathroom. Go inside cupboards, underneath and on top of them, so that no dust remains. Clean in the fridge and freezer, as well as the oven, so there are no lingering foods stains. Everything left should look as good as new for the new owners, so don’t skip over any aspect. Performing both a move and cleaning can be very difficult so if you feel you cannot handle both, consider calling a local cleaning company for support.

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