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Finding The Right Cleaning Professional For You Finding The Right Cleaning Professional For You 11 April 2014

Finding a cleaner is a difficult thing, because there is so much choice out there! Anyone can upload an advert for their services on the internet now, and this means that it is hard to know who you will be getting at the other end of the line! You will likely have a few criteria that you want to stick to, and this means that the advice here will not apply to everyone, but if you can use these tips as a way of looking at the selection process differently, and choosing with the correct mindset, then that will be all the better! For a start, you need to be completely sure of what you want. How many hours a week, what days, and how much you are able to spend. Do you want an independent cleaner, or a company? These are all factors that will have a bearing on how easy it will be to source and retain a cleaner for your domestic work. For a good starting point, it is a good idea to get some advice on the matter from those around you who already have cleaning help. You will find that there are many in the area who will use a cleaner, and you can always ask them about what they like or dislike about their cleaner. You will also be able to get hints on who to use, as it may be that your neighbor uses a great cleaning service that come round on a day that works for you - you take the morning, they take the afternoon, or however you want to play it. Having a cleaner that works for both of you could well work in your advantage, as they will do a good job every time, knowing that a sloppy service could result in losing two jobs in one go!You will no doubt appreciate that there are differences between those cleaners that work for a company and those who work alone. The independent cleaner often has a decent amount of experience, and will have worked their way up to such a position by being trustworthy and effective for a number of different clients. This means that you will likely have a certain amount of faith in leaving them in the house to work whilst you are out. All the money that you pay goes to them, and it is a good way of supporting a smaller end of the entrepreneurial scale. With agencies and cleaning companies, you will find that a portion of the money goes towards the company, and the cleaner themselves get a reduced rate. However, the layer of management between you and the cleaner themselves may make dealing with them a lot easier if you have a component or anything of the sort. Having to answer to a boss, rather than a conscientious home owner like yourself, may mean that the cleaner themselves are less likely to slack off. It is a difficult situation to deal with if you think about it on these terms, and the best way to look in to it is to make some calls, having decided what you are after. Getting prices and quotes from various sources will let you know what you can expect to pay, and then it is just down to looking at how well you get on with certain individuals. It does matter as to whether you can work easily around each other, as otherwise the atmosphere in the house can get a little tense at times.

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