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Five Tips For Keeping The House Clean Without Cleaning Five Tips For Keeping The House Clean Without Cleaning 29 July 2014

There are many ways in which to clean the house, but there are also ways to prevent having to clean the house. Sounds strange? Well, much of the time it is the case that the way that you use your home will influence how much you have to clean it. If you can put down some basic ground rules, you can ensure that you are not constantly worrying about having to get certain areas of the house clean, as they will never have gotten dirty in the first place! You will find no doubt that the resulting reduction in the cleaning that you need to do is well worth the effort in the long run!1.    Having everyone take their shoes off as they come in to the house will ensure that there is a lot less of a need to vacuum and sweep the place. If you are able to instate the rule with your friends and family, then your workload will be reduced considerably. If your family are not as on board with the rule as they should be, then simply make them clean the floors every day. They will likely decide that they don’t mind the rule after all! 2.    When cooking, take your time and don’t rush, as this will mean that you can do things in a calm and sensible manner. You will find that the more relaxed you are, the better you are at ensuring that the job gets done in a clean and tidy way. Do you really need to cover the kitchen surface with mess, or can you confine it to a couple of chopping boards and the pan? Whilst many people love the speed and intensity of cooking, it is never really worth having to spend twenty minutes clearing up afterwards!3.    Use a table cloth or sheet that you can just whack in the laundry after use. This will save you having to clean up after the meal, especially if you have young ones. When feeding babies, it is often worth putting down a plastic mat at their place, as you can simply take it over to the sink and rinse it off, which is much easier than cleaning the table properly. You will find that this only really makes sense if you can get the area covered so that nothing escapes the protective sheet however!4.    Sofa covers are a great way to keep the sofa clean, so when you are slobbing around and don’t mind having a couple of throws over the sofa, then do so, as it will save having to get the cleaners in to do the upholstery. Upholstery cleaning is expensive and can reduce the life of your sofa, so it is worth having a think about getting something to cover your sofa with. It need not be plastic or horrible in any way, just a nice throw that you can wash in the machine for ease will do!5.    Confine pets to the lower floors of the house and you will save on a lot of cleaning on the upper areas of the house. Whilst some people would never dream of this, as they want their pets all over the house, many are aware that the extent to which dogs and cats can distribute hair and dirt around the house, and seek to avoid it by reducing the access that their animals have to the rest of the home. It is a sensible move, but will it be one that you can bear to make?

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