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Get That Carpet Cleaned Get That Carpet Cleaned 06 December 2013

When looking at the living room, what tends to be the largest expanse of color that you see? It tends to be the floor! If your walls are broken up by pictures, then the floor tends to be the largest section of color in the room, and it is also the largest change to a room that you can make. Cleaning the carpet will result in an incredible change in mood if the carpet has not been cleaned in a while. You will find that the result of a proper deep clean will be to revive the carpet and give you a much more vibrant place to sit and relax, in amongst the decor that you originally intended for the room. The best thing is that there are plenty of ways in which to clean a carpet, and each will match a different need or budget! The difficulty is always in knowing which one is right for your needs, and whether your budget should be stretched or not, so having a few tips on the processes themselves can be a massive help. Have a look below for some pointers on how you can ensure that your carpet gets cleaned in a way that makes sense for you.

To start, there is home shampooing. You will find that the shampoo comes in a spray bottle, and can be sprayed evenly over the carpet’s surface, either locally or completely, in order to hit stains, or do the whole pile. The shampoo needs to then be scrubbed in, which can be quite hard work! The foaming compound will react with the dirt in the fibers absorbing it into the solution, which when aided by the scrubbing motion can be quite a successful cleaning method. The shampoo then dries to a fine powder, which is then hoovered up, easy as anything! There are downsides to this technique however. Aside from the fact that scrubbing everything in is quite the workout, you may well find that the residue that is vacuumed up may not all be taken out of the pile, and the result can be a slightly sticky carpet that attracts dirt much faster than before!

The next on the list is ‘steam cleaning’. This does not actually involve any steam, just very hot water. The water is blasted into the pile with a machine that almost simultaneously extracts it. The vigorous action of the water combined with the high heat breaks down the adhesive bonds in the dirt, and it is sucked back into the machine with the water. The technique is highly effective, but requires a professional and a certain amount of machinery, as you may have been able to guess. There is a potential issue with this technique in that the machine needs to be well serviced, otherwise the extraction of the water can be less than perfect, leaving your carpet slightly damp. A warm and damp carpet is a breeding ground for mould and mildew, which may well result in the carpet needing to be thrown away! Ensure that your cleaner is confident in his cleaning equipment, and let them know that you are aware of such potential issues.

Dry cleaning is much like the technique used on shirts. You will no doubt be able to get a carpet dry cleaner round easily, but they are pretty expensive, as many professional services are. The technique uses a dry compound mixed with a small amount of solution. The result is a solution that attracts dirt out of the fibers. The solution is scrubbed in by hand or machine and can be used on stains, or the whole carpet.

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