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Making Oven Cleaning Easier Making Oven Cleaning Easier 08 July 2015

Oven cleaning is a tedious and boring job. It can easily be forgotten about when you have finished cooking and clearing away and shut the oven door! One of the main dreads about oven cleaning is that most of the time you are forced to use messy and hazardous chemicals. For some people this can mean having to be careful as it can affect the skin and even the breathing, because of allergies. Most chemicals are dangerous and toxic and cause fumes that make the kitchen smell horrid. Plus they are not good for others in the house such as the pets and are not good for the environment. Though there is the opportunity to hire cleaning contractors to deal with the service for most people they prefer to get the job done on their own and save money. Here are some helpful tips when attempting an oven clean.

Oven cleaning help with chemical cleaners
When it comes to kitchen cleaning the oven is the biggest job. Make sure you have bought plenty of cleaning cloths and the proper solution for your oven. Then you need to make sure you are wearing some protective clothing such as an apron, mask and gloves. Open the windows to allow some fresh air in to get rid of the toxic fumes if you are using shop bought cleaning detergents. Make sure you cover up the surrounding area such as the floor and the unit surfaces. Some chemicals are harsh and can damage other areas of the kitchen. Read the instructions carefully, as some products are designed to be applied to the oven and left overnight to penetrate the tough burnt on stains and gradually dissolve the dirt build up. Other detergents may need to a little bit of elbow grease to shift tough dirt and grime. Be cautious when using a cleaning solution that is made up of toxic chemicals. Read how to use it carefully, and take time.

Using eco friendly cleaners
There is also the option when house cleaning and sorting out the oven and hob cleaning, and using non toxic detergents. Often most of them are natural products that can be found in the kitchen cupboard, including vinegar, lemon, bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and steam. If you are fortunate to own a steam cleaner then these are great for getting rid of hard stains that get stuck on the racks of the oven. Though it is important to cover up if using a steam cleaner it is an effective way of cleaning the oven and in eco friendly way too.

Using bicarbonate of soda with lemon juice and vinegar works as it makes an abrasive substance that along with some hard scrubbing will help remove the tough stains. These products are eco friendly and also help break down the grease and grime build up. These are just as effective as chemicals but safer to use when cleaning your oven.

The last option
There is also the option to prevent oven cleaning by investing in the modern self clean ovens. These work by cleaning themselves by heating to 800 degrees Celsius temperature, and the combination of stains, grease and spillages all turn to ash. Though they sound like a miracle the general rule is that these self clean systems shouldn’t be relied on completely. It is a good idea to wipe the interior and hob occasionally. Whichever route you take to clean your oven take care as it is made of complex materials and make sure that what you use will not cause any harm.

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