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       I had a great experience with this cleaning service - they were highly professional, punctual and had a team of lovely cleaners who got the job done well.    
Jack Andrews02/08/2023

       Enjoyment filled me when given the chance to use Chelsea Cleaning for some spring cleaning on my household. Now we have a spotless and delighted home!     
Ben A.06/04/2023

       Upon obtaining many ranked choices concerned premier end of tenancy cleansers hopefully able ably deliver prospective results put readied research elucidated Chelsea Cleaners prime contender listing; manners while signing employed sharp courtesy accompanied technical proficiency greatly admired cheap charges covered gave additional advantage inaccessible elsewhere (where companies registered few assessments sites)! Scheduling took fast session collaborative team arrived pre set window equipped appropriate accessories requisite ultimate tidy job; completing task amazingly subsequently slick sheen everywhere noticeable testament extensive care given total faith within product ensure repeat usage whenever need arise shortly hereafter!     
Kim D.27/01/2023

       We've recently adopted a couple of rescue dogs, and while it's amazing having so many pets around, it does mean a lot more mess. Fur, muddy pawprints, and general mess was starting to get a bit out of hand, so we decided we needed some professional help with domestic cleaning. After trying a few services we decided on Chelsea Cleaners as they were cheap and great at dealing with pet hair and mess. Our home is beautifully clean all the time now.    
Daryl Dexter10/06/2019

       From the very first time I contacted Chelsea Cleaners till the time they completed the cleaning, the entire process was smooth. I was offered such a great service by the entire team. We discussed the costs and cleaning packages best suited for a weekly domestic clean. I must admit that I managed to bag a good bargain. The cleaners have done stupendous work over the past few months and have looked after my house like their own. A big thank you to the entire team!    
N. Jacob23/06/2016

       I don't know how I would cope without Cleaners-Chelsea. They come weekly to handle my house cleaning and I also hire them for bigger jobs like carpet or sofa cleaning from time to time. They always deliver brilliant results and meet all my requirements.    
H. Keston31/05/2016

       I had held a party at my home and it was a success. However, after it was done, the whole house was a tip. I couldn't bear looking at it. Wanting things back to being clean immediately, I called up Chelsea Cleaning without delay. Their expert team arrived shortly and were able to handle all the work. No aspect of the cleaning was ignored and before I knew it, my house was back to its tidy state again. I am very impressed with their work.    
Natalie Fox31/07/2015

       When I left my rented property to move elsewhere, I wanted to have the apartment cleaned by professionals before leaving. I was given the name of Chelsea Cleaners by the estate agent who said he used them a lot locally. When I called them they gave me a brilliant price I knew couldn't be beaten. I hired them straight away and now I use them whenever I need a professional cleaning job done.    
Daniel Stevens 14/07/2015

       I held a party at my house and there was a mess by the end. People in the kitchen drinking and eating, and all the cooking I did beforehand meant I had a lot of work ahead. I found it would be much easier though just to call Cleaners-Chelsea for help. Their cleaners were at my house in no time and took care of all the work for me. My kitchen was cleaner than usual thanks to them and you couldn't even tell that I had had a party.    
Arnold Reigns27/05/2015

       I hired Cleaners-Chelsea for my end of lease cleaning. I am extremely pleased with the pleasant conversations, spotless clean floor space and their well-informed call centre. They sent a text with the appointment details and even a reminder a day before the said date. They even accommodate all reasonable requests, if they can.    
Jay Cook08/05/2015

       My favourite cleaning service at the moment is definitely Chelsea Cleaners. Unlike options which I've hired in the past, they seem committed to the quality of the service, not just getting everything done so they can move on to the next job. Really make it feel as though getting your home is their primary concern. A nice kind of customer directed approach which makes everything very easy indeed. Thanks for the help again, guys, look forward to seeing you again soon.    
Owen Hampton07/01/2015

       Dealing with the aftermath of my son's 18th birthday party was just too much for me and my husband. We decided we would need a professional cleaner and Chelsea Cleaners provided us with a very effective cleaning service. They cleaned the entire house from top to bottom and the thorough work they did made everything beautifully clean and tidy again. The cleaning contractors had a machine with them which they used to clean the carpets downstairs, and they managed to get rid of some very nasty stains and make everything as good as new after they had finished it all.    
D. Roberts14/11/2014

       Hey Chelsea Cleaners, thanks for a great service! Your staff are excellent and I'm glad that I went with your company. I hire from yourselves several times a week and you provide some of the best cleaning professionals that I've come across. Not only are they busy the entire time they are on my property but they understand many of the more intricate ways of cleaning that you only normal get from paying more money. For the price, the type of people that work for you - whom all put a great deal of effort into their job - I cannot rate your services highly enough. If you are considering cleaning of any type this company will blow you away!    

       Between balancing work and the family, I only get around to house cleaning on the weekends. Regular vacuuming and dusting are doable, but for tasks like attic cleaning I only trust Chelsea Cleaners. I learned the hard way after I ended up breaking an antique armchair while cleaning out the attic last summer but with the professional cleaners I don't have to worry about anything! I would highly recommend them to everyone.     
Liz R.19/09/2014

       I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm nowhere near as young as I used to be. Reaching up to the highest corners of the ceiling isn't really something I can do anymore. Cleaning is tricky for me now, but my friend recommended Chelsea Cleaners and everything's better now. Their cleaning staff are well mannered, easy going and good at their job, and every corner of my home looks spotless now. I call them up every week now, and they always do a fine job. It is definitely a load off my mind. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me!    
Jack S.21/08/2014

       I have just had the most amazing cleaning service in my home, it was brilliant. I wanted a spring clean service and hired a company that had been passed on to me by my sister. Chelsea Cleaners were superb, and easy to deal with. I wanted a one off spring clean service to do a really meticulous clean in my home. I got a really wonderful service; the cleaners covered every little detail, including inside cupboards, appliances, window sills and wardrobe tops. It was amazing what they covered with the deep clean service. I would certainly recommend anybody needing a home clean service to contact and book an appointment.    
Harley Coats24/07/2014

       I spend a lot of time at my office and, no matter how hard I tried, I just could never find the time to clean my house to the standard that it deserved. My house was a complete mess and I was embarrassed to have friends over! I decided it was about time I called a professional cleaner to give me a helping hand and restore my home to a clean and sanitary condition. Chelsea Cleaners's house cleaning service has really given me the help that I needed, and I never have to worry about coming home to an unclean house again! When I get a bit of spare time I can now relax or do whatever I like, instead of cleaning!    
Stanley T.08/07/2014

       I wanted my new apartment cleaning after the builders had finished their work. The place was in need of a good cleaning service to remove a lot of dust and rubble. A friend suggested Chelsea Cleaners who were experts at commercial cleaning services. I called and made an appointment. The team arrived with al lot of equipment and cleaning products and began. They worked hard at clearing the mess and before long everything was free from rubble and dust. I was very happy with the cost too, it was worth every penny. The service was brilliant and I would certainly suggest anybody needing a cleaning company to contact these experts.    
Abbie Tucker12/06/2014

       I wanted my carpets and rugs refreshed and chose to have them cleaned by Chelsea Cleaners. This company was brilliant; they had some great cleaning offers and deals so I thought it was worth trying instead o replacing my existing carpets. I sorted a date and the professional cleaners turned up with their tools and cleaning supplies and began. They were hard all day and my carpets looked absolutely fantastic when they had finished. I would certainly recommend anybody needing new carpets to try having them cleaned first they make such a good job. It really is money well spent.     
Zoey Brown26/05/2014

       Having had a couple of cleaners over the past few years, I don't think I have ever used a company as efficient as Chelsea Cleaners. With an impressive speed, and excellent devotion to great cleaning, the team always make light work of my home, even if it is particularly messy! In the same vein, it is amazing to see that they can remain upbeat whilst doing such good work, but it makes for a great bunch of people to have in your home, should I be there at the same time! A great team, a great clean, 10/10!    
Gabriel Thomas29/04/2014

       I never have to worry about cleaning my house again and I can't even begin to explain how happy this makes me! I hate cleaning with a passion, but even though I've been trying to convince him for years, my husband was very against hiring a professional cleaner. It wasn't until we heard about Chelsea Cleaners through a family friend and saw what a great job they'd done that he finally changed his mind. We're both more than impressed at the job that this company does - my cleaner is absolutely fabulous and the house looks brilliantly clean. I never have to pick up a duster again - all my thanks!    

       I own multiple office units, which need to be cleaned on a regular basis. As a businessman, I personally do not have the time, the effort or the desire to spend multiple hours cleaning each and every office. This is where Chelsea Cleaners saved my life. They come in, whenever I ask them to and clean my offices from top to bottom. They make sure that my equipment is safe and make the office a great place to work. Their prices are also very reasonable and as a businessman, this is probably one of the most important deal makers to me.    
Archie Davis27/03/2014

       If you are the kind of person who appreciates a good deal, then you will enjoy working with Chelsea Cleaners. They really go give a lot for what you pay, and I always find myself feeling like I need to tip them a whole load more than I am expected to! If you are getting a good clean for a great price, it is rare that you find the team to be as polite and lovely to talk to as they are, so that's just an added extra! I hope that this lot don't change any time soon, as I really enjoy working with them and think anyone reading this will as well!    
Alan E.05/03/2014

       Working with Chelsea Cleaners for basic office cleaning solutions saves me a lot of hassle. I needed a cleaning service that could provide simple cleaning options for my business. I needed a frequent cleaning service that was efficient and thorough. The staff at Chelsea Cleaners are reliable and friendly. They really know how to clean a big space and ensure that the business space is clean and tidy in the morning. They customized their cleaning schedule to better fit my business and really saved me a lot of money and time. I'm extremely pleased with their service!    

       I've just had my first professional house clean from Chelsea Cleaners and I just had to come online and write a review. All I have to say is WOW! This is an amazing cleaning company and I can't put into words how lovely my house looks! I'm going to invite all of my friends and family round for a nosey and so I can show off! This service is so efficient, so quick and so cheap as well! I'll definitely be recommending this company to all of my friends and I'm now going to be a regular customer! Thanks!    
Cybil S.21/01/2014

       My husband saw how stressed the household cleaning was making me and he called up Chelsea Cleaners on a whim. I was really unsure at first - I didn't like the idea of having strange people in my home, and I didn't want to be judged for having a messy house! Luckily all the cleaners all seem to be really lovely and honest people. The job they do on our house is really fantastic - I've never seen such skills before and our home is really benefiting! I love coming home to a clean house all the time and it's such an inexpensive service. I think it's something that every homeowner should try!    

       If your carpets are looking a little shabby then give Chelsea Cleaners a call and they will sort it out. I couldn't recommend them highly enough - they have been cleaning my carpets as and when required for quite some time, and every time they do the results are absolutely superb. The first time I called them I honestly thought my floors were beyond help, but they came in with their impressive contraptions and proceeded to restore it to as new condition. Furthermore they are fast and affordable, which is why I keep using them! These guys make sure you carpet is never beyond repair.    
James D.05/12/2013

       Having a cleaner is pretty essential for me, as I am absolutely terrible at cleaning! I just get distracted really easily, and the nature of my work means that I'm always having to pop to my desk to write emails, even on the weekends! Chelsea Cleaners have been helping me out for a while, and have always been excellent. I would be pretty stuck without them, as they keep my place feeling really nice and clean, which would not be the case if they were not around! I reckon anyone who needs a little help around the house should give them a call, as they are extremely flexible.    
Gavin Davies25/11/2013

       Having never used a cleaner before in my life, I am now wondering why on earth I did such a thing to myself. It was all due to the fact that I thought cleaners were like maids, and for rich lazy people, but in fact, it has made my life so much easier that I can't believe that I was so short sighted! In many ways, Chelsea Cleaners have improved my down time after work, as I am not fretting about hoovering all the time! They are very good at their job, and will always ensure that someone is here, on time, to get the job done.    
C. Hansom15/11/2013

       It was only once I'd hired Chelsea Cleaners that I realised what a good deal I was getting. At first it was just a temporary thing while I worked my way through a backlog of work cases. But they did such a good job, kept my home so tidy, that I've kept them on. Yet to find a fault or even a streak mark on the tiles. I don't really know how they do it, but I know what I like. Chelsea Cleaners are the best I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with and will be working with them for a long time to come.     
C. Saunders05/11/2013

       Massive kudos to Chelsea Cleaners for helping me through a difficult time. After a recent illness, I've been trying to sell my mother's old house and was facing a daunting task of trying to get it to as clean a state as possible. Some of the dust hadn't been shifted in years, this really was a massive task. My estate agent recommended Chelsea Cleaners, as he'd worked with them before. Can't thank him or them enough. They really helped out during a difficult period and helped us sell the house. They were so good, I've been telling all my friends about them.    
H. Lowe24/10/2013

       Had to come online and give me thanks to Chelsea Cleaners, they've saved my bacon once again. Never realised how much mess me and my flatmates made until we'd actually had a professional take on the job. They first came round as a present, a gift from my flatmate's mum who had heard good things and didn't trust us lads to clean ourselves. We liked the job so much that we've not let them leave since! The cost is really good, and split between all of us, it's barely noticeable. Especially with the amount of time it gives us to do other things. Chelsea Cleaners, from all of us here, thanks again.    
Brian M.14/10/2013

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